Jan-180001 Just Tell Me What You Want
0002 Windows
Jan-25P001 M*A*S*H (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Jan-300003 To All A Goodnight
Feb-10004 Fatso
0005 My Brilliant Career
0006 Simon
Feb-80007 American Gigolo
0008 The Fog
0009 Hero at Large
0010 The Last Married Couple in America
0011 Midnight Madness
Feb-150012 Caligula
0013 Cruising
0014 Mad Max
0015 Saturn 3
Feb-25P002 Hercules in New York (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Feb-290016 Don’t Answer The Phone
0017 Foxes
0018 The Ninth Configuration
Mar-70019 Coal Miner’s Daughter
0020 Death Ship
Mar-120021 A Small Circle of Friends
Mar-140022 Defiance
Mar-18P003 The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Mar-210023 Forbidden Zone
0024 Hide in Plain Sight
0025 Little Miss Marker
0026 Little Darlings
0027 Nijinsky
Mar-280028 The Changeling
0029 Don’t Go In The House
0030 Nothing Personal
0031 Serial
0032 Tom Horn
0033 When Time Ran Out
Apr-10034 The Baltimore Bullet
Apr-170035 The Private Eyes
Apr-180036 ffolkes
Apr-250037 Heart Beat
0038 Where the Buffalo Roam
Apr-29P004 A Man Called Horse (1970)Patreon Exclusive
May-10039 Gorp
May-90040 Friday the 13th
0041 The Nude Bomb
0042 Stunt Rock
May-160043 Fame
0044 Home Movies
0045 Humanoids from the Deep
0046 The Long Riders
May-210047 The Empire Strikes Back
May-230048 Carny
0049 Die Laughing
0050 The Gong Show Movie
0051 The Shining
May-28P005 The Out-of-Towners (1970)Patreon Exclusive
May-300052 Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown
0053 The Hollywood Knights
Jun-10054 Effects
0055 The Mountain Men
Jun-40056 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood
Jun-60057 Galaxina
0058 Night of the Juggler
0059 Up the Academy
0060 Urban Cowboy
Jun-110061 Bronco Billy
Jun-130062 The Children
0063 The Island
0064 Roadie
0065 Wholly Moses!
Jun-190066 Rough Cut
Jun-200067 The Blues Brothers
0068 Brubaker
0069 Can’t Stop the Music
0070 The Hearse
Jun-21P006 Catch-22 (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Jun-250071 Herbie Goes Bananasw/ Joaquin Garay III
0072 Last Flight of Noah’s Ark
Jun-270073 The Stunt Man
Jul-10074 Hangar 18
Jul-20075 Airplane!
0076 Alligator
Jul-50077 The Blue Lagoon
Jul-8P007 They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Jul-110078 How to Beat the High Cost of Living
0079 Oh! Heavenly Dog
0080 Used Cars
Jul-180081 The Big Red One
0082 Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie
0083 Honeysuckle Rose
0084 The Little Dragons
0085 Prom Night
0086 Zombie
Jul-240087 The Earthling
Jul-250088 Caddyshack
0089 Dressed to Kill
0090 Middle Age Crazy
Aug-10091 The Final Countdown
0092 The Hunter
0093 Loose Shoes
0094 Raise the Titanic
Aug-80095 The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu
0096 Xanadu
Aug-150097 The Kidnapping of the President
0098 Smokey and the Bandit II
0099 Those Lips, Those Eyes
0100 Willie & Phil
Aug-220101 The Octagon
Aug-24P008 House of Dark Shadows (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Aug-290102 The Big Brawl
0103 He Knows You’re Alone
Sep-50104 Return of the Secaucus 7
Sep-80105 Battle Beyond the Stars
Sep-90106 Phobia
Sep-12P009 Five Easy Pieces (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Sep-190107 The Exterminator
0108 Melvin and Howard
0109 Mother’s Day
0110 Ordinary People
0111 In God We Tru$t
Sep-260112 Hopscotch
0113 My Bodyguard
0114 Resurrection
0115 Stardust Memories
0116 Without Warning
Oct-10117 Breaker Morant
0118 Gloria
Oct-30119 Coast to Coast
0120 The First Deadly Sin
0121 The Man With Bogart’s Face
0122 Oh, God! Book II
0123 One-Trick Pony
0124 Somewhere in Time
0125 Terror Train
Oct-60126 Kagemusha
Oct-100127 The Elephant Man
0128 Private Benjamin
0129 Schizoid
Oct-140130 Fade to Black
Oct-170131 Foolin’ Around
0132 Times Square
Oct-240133 It’s My Turn
0134 Loving Couples
0135 Motel Hell
P010 Trog (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Oct-250136 Bad Timing
Oct-310137 The Awakening
0138 Borderline
0139 Touched By Love
0140 Witches’ Brew
Nov-70141 The Boogeyman
0142 Christmas Evil
Nov-110143 Shogun Assassin
Nov-140144 The Idolmaker
Nov-170145 Running Scared
Nov-18P011 Dirty Dingus Magee (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Nov-190146 Heaven’s Gate
Nov-210147 The Apple
0148 Falling In Love Again
0149 The Visitor
Dec-10150 A Change of Seasons
Dec-30151 The Competition
Dec-50152 Flash Gordon
Dec-120153 Popeye
0154 Stir Crazy
0155 Tess
Dec-170156 Any Which Way You Can
Dec-180157 Hawk the Slayer
Dec-190158 9 to 5
0159 The Formula
0160 Inside Moves
0161 The Jazz Singer
0162 The Mirror Crack’d
0163 New Years Evil
0164 Raging Bull
0165 Seems Like Old Times
0166 Tribute
Dec-23P012 Scars of Dracula (1970)Patreon Exclusive
Dec-250167 Altered States
0168 First Family
Dec-311980 Year-End Wrap-Up

Missed Titles
(Patreon Exclusives Next Season)

Jan-1Island ClawsNo Wide Release
The ReturnNo Wide Release
Jan-12Klondike FeverWe Found It Too Late
Jan-25Guyana: Cult of the DamnedWe Found It Too Late
Mar-1The American Success CompanyNo Wide Release
Mar-7The Black MarbleNot Available to Rent
Apr-1Getting WastedNot Available to Rent
Leo and LoreeNo Wide Release
May-4On The NickelWe Found It Too Late
May-9Beyond EvilWe Found It Too Late
May-29Cloud DancerWe Found It Too Late
Jun-1DementedWe Found It Too Late
Jun-26Day of ResurrectionForeign Release
Jul-11Monstroid(Suggested by Stephen Spurling)
Aug-8Why Would I Lie?Not Available to Rent
Sep-1Breaking GlassForeign Release
HoodlumsNo Wide Release
Sep-12HealtHDidn’t Get Wide Release Until April ’82
Oct-1Dr. Heckyl and Mr. HypeNo Wide Release
Nov-1The Day Time EndedNo Wide Release