1/1/1980Cardiac Arrest
1/1/1980PSI Factor
1/18/1980The Silent Scream
2/1/1980The Legend of Alfred Packer
2/17/1980Wise Blood
2/23/1980S+H+E: Security Hazards Expert
3/5/1980Stone Cold Dead
3/12/1980The Last Word
6/1/1980Hog Wild
9/22/1980The Tempest
10/1/1980Seed of Innocence
12/1/1980Below the Belt
12/5/1980Tanya’s Island
12/15/1980Tell Me A Riddle
1/1/1981Lovely But Deadly
1/5/1981A Perfect Couple
2/27/1981Sunday Lovers
3/1/1981Scared to Death
3/6/1981Dirty Tricks
5/8/1981Cheaper to Keep Her
5/8/1981Second-Hand Hearts
5/15/1981Take This Job and Shove It
6/1/1981Night of the Zombies
6/5/1981The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
7/1/1981The Pilot
8/28/1981Heartbreak High
9/1/1981St. Helens
9/18/1981Cannibals in the Streets
10/11/1981Priest of Love
10/31/1981Sunday Lovers
11/18/1981Jane Austen in Manhattan
11/27/1981Frankenstein Island
12/11/1981Head On